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Change the Unity 3d Play Mode Tint


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This is the very first tip someone gave me when I started working with Unity 3d and believe me, as basic as it may seem changing your Unity 3d Play Mode Tint it will save you tons of time.

The ability to change your scene while on Play Mode is great for testing purposes. In Play Mode you can change almost anything you want at runtime. This allows for a faster iteration when experimenting new values, such as the speed of the Player or a point light intensity. You can make these changes at will and without worrying it may break your project, because Unity reverts all those changes when you stop the Play Mode.

Now, while this is a great feature for testing your scenes, not always works in your favour.

Unity 3d Play Mode Tint
Particle System Inspector

Imagine that you are adjusting a brand new particle system. You spend a couple of hours fine tuning all those properties to your like until you reach the perfect configuration. Your particle system is ready and perfect. But, just when you are contemplating your perfect particle system you realize that you were in Play Mode.

You know what happens? Eventually, after a lot of cursing and name-calling you will have to stop the Play Mode and just lose your perfect particle system and all the work you made for the past two hours.

Well, you could just write down all the particle system properties while in Play Mode and then apply it again when stopped. This may work if you really need and want to test values in runtime.

But just to be sure that you are always aware when working in Play Mode, just change the Play Mode Tint Colour. It is not a perfect solution, but I guess that this will happen to you less often.

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