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Unity 3d Fundamentals: Project Demo


Unity 3d Fundamentals

The Unity 3d Fundamentals is a post series explaining how to create a very simple First-Person-Shooter. Each week we will post new articles and tutorials explaining how to accomplish something new in the project. This will take several weeks to complete but in the end you will have the basic skills to create a simple game using Unity 3d.

For now you can start by reading our Unity 3d Fundamental Concepts article and by trying the complete project of this series.

Unity 3d Fundamentals Project


Goal: Shoot down all targets.


  • You have three areas to complete;
  • Position yourself according to the arrow on each area;
  • You will know that the current area is clear when the next one appears. Until then just look for the remaining targets;
  • You can only shoot the targets when inside the colored areas. If you move outside the area the targets will disappear.
[unity src=”349″]
Just a few notes on this project. First, as you imagine it is not intended to be a real game. It is just a demo where most of the unity fundamental skills were used to develop it. Second, all 3d assets were downloaded from the Asset Store. Most of them are from Unity Technology but some are from individual developers. Proper credit will be given on the corresponding posts.
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